Welcome to GCSE Geography First Hand :)

Hi there,
I'm a student who studied GCSE Geography. I have made this site to give you an understanding of what you need to know from a first person view.
On this site you'll find all the topics you need to know.
To help you understand the physical elements, I'll include Videos, Pictures and homemade Animations.
Have fun and do well :)

Please not this site is still being built! so sorry if there's something you need which isn't there! :) Don't worry though there will be new stuff each day. So keep checking:)


Unit 1
Section A
The Restless Earth
Rocks, Resources and Scenery
Weather and Climate
The Living World
Section B
Water on the Land
Ice on the Land
The Coastal Zone

Unit 2
Section A
Population Change
Changing Urban Environments
Changing Rural Environments
Section B
The Development Gap

Unit 3
Local Fieldwork Investigation

Exam Skills